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This is the main page where you can enter details of your salary and hours worked on the form and get salary conversions for various different rates, from and to any of the following:


So you can do annual to hourly, hourly to annual, monthly to daily, daily to annual, weekly to annual, weekly to hourly and any other combination you need. All with one click of a button. Once you click on submit it takes you to the results page where you can see all the various salary rates including your calculated overtime rates. From here you can print the results, save the page link or email the results.

Contact us page

If you would like to get in touch with us here is how to do it.

Legal Notice

The traditional legal disclaimer page.

How the salary converter works

A brief example of a typical salary conversion, so that if you wanted to you could do it with pen and paper. Far easier to use the on line salary converter to do that though!

The Widget

Want a widget that you can embed into your own webpage that will let you convert from hourly to annual or annual to hourly, then get the code free here.

How to...

Two examples of how you can use the salary converter.

How to... compare salaries.
How to...calculate a pro rata salary.

Ready to convert your salary? Try the online calculator for yourself.

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